Artist Statement

My friend Jess asked me, "why is your work so fragile?"  

I like the idea of all of these pieces being temporary, so that their uncertain presence in the world seems more of a gift than a burden.  It probably stems back to high school and  another friend saying, "There is too much stuff in the world already, why would you want to make more?".  

The work becomes a celebration of impermanence and change.

3D!:  I like to work with natural materials and discarded bits, assembling them with wire, glue, thread, wax...  

4D!:  The component pieces already have a history of their own, so when I work with them to build a new piece, it is more of a negotiation of personalities.  Sometimes the fierce and delicate form a really good match - they invite each other towards a new way of being  - sometimes they demand it.  Some of the "nests" (above) are examples of this.  The sewn paper or knitted wool forms the infrastructure for the heavy nails, which act as legs.  

4 1/2D!:  Big nails poked through one thickness of paper: Try it!  It questions good building practice and might throw your perception in-between dimensions.  

5D!:  The nests can be picked up, and each time, they shift form.

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